Isaiah Bethea

Architectural research sketches consisting of, prototypes, blue prints and a final concept sketch for a 3D model.

What is the art work about: 

-  A test subject to see where my drawing skills stand and where it takes my imagination. This building could be a house or a research lab for geography around its area. The building would take refuge within the center of a forest colonized by scientists studying how the animals in the forest adapt to a random building placed in the center of the forest. Will they enter the house/lab? Or watch it from a far to see what it does or what leaves from inside to the outside world. 

-Geographical Lab/Research facility 1

- This street block is in respect for the loss of george floyd and the main city regroup for a black lives matter march.

-(BLM st.)

- A child's play type themed neighborhood.  A peaceful city block in the hood the drawing has buildings located out east monument and nearby pulaski highway the building to your right was a fire station and is now turned into a bar next to that on your left is an apartment building and finally to the rear is simply a vacant house. 

-EAST BALTIMORE’s (street corner 1)


- “Apr 20, 2021 — A three-alarm fire tore through Domino Sugar's massive raw sugar storage shed and entered the Baltimore sugar refinery on a conveyor belt …” This sketch is in replacement for the domino sugar factory if it was not able to be salvaged then my prototype for an apple factory would be its new replacemant. 

-(GSAF: Granny Smiths Apple Factory) 


- A blueprint of my floating house project. 

-(Convenience Store)

Michael Davis

Aniyah Gardner

Hey! My name is Aniyah Gardner and I am a senior in the Architecture program. These 3 artworks that I am showcasing are a few of my favorites from over the years. My best piece would be my After School Hub design because I designed everything myself. I was able to draw every plan view of each floor so you can see the bowling alley, study space, and other spaces for different needs. The second piece (Parking Day Built Structure) is my favorite design because I was actually able to make the space real with the help of my peers. Lastly a drawing that shows the most growth for me is the grid method. I first was introduced to the grid method in 6th grade I did pretty good. But this time all of my proportions were really spot in it’s like puzzle pieces. As an artist I want to further my Architecture career and design apartments for free lance artists and also study art and business.

Laila Glover

I am showing three art pieces that I’ve done through my architecture classes! All of my artwork involves how to help or shows ways to improve Baltimore’s water. My first piece shows a monster emerging from the storm drain. It gives people a bit of a spook and some intrigue when looking at the water drain, and would probably make them want to throw away their trash somewhere else. The second shows a bus stop that’s showing an advertisement on throwing away trash and not into the bay. Since likes of people tend to jest simply throw away their trash into the bay, showing a nice and friendly advertisement would at least make the younger individuals think twice about throwing their trash away properly. The last is a retail pop up shop that is monster themed! It’s a water taxi but with a twist when monsters can take you from place to place, either it’s on there backs or on top of there heads to take you where you need to be in a calm and relaxing way.


With all of the things I’ve done with my art, I would love to make a comic or even my own manga one day! I also want to also make the setting here in Baltimore as well, since mainly all of the comics are either in Washington, New York or in some other cities. So I would like to make it somewhere that I’ve known my whole life. Here!

Chavez Goode

Earl Jones

Neah lawrence

Hello I'm Neah Lawrence. I chose Architecture because it is a very creative profession. My first drawing project in this architecture class taught me that I am very passionate about my work. There are three pieces of artwork I am showing today. The mini golf course was one of the best projects. This piece shows a serial theme golf course in the shape of a cereal box. For the drafting of the classroom, we were told to pick a spot in the architecture room at BDS and focus and draft the lines and shapes. The last artwork piece would be my After-school Hub. I struggled with this piece because finding a theme that students would want, and community would want also is difficult. My future plans as an artist are somewhat over because my college major is not related. In my spare time I will be sure to grab and draw in my sketchbook here and there.

Nasser Lee

The type of work I'll be showing is mainly from this year, two of my projects including a floating pop up shop and my midterm project that I really like because of the two point horizon line I used.


Two of the projects are about ways to reuse water to better the environment and the communities, the other project is about creating a store that can stand in water.


My future plans as an artist is definitely to improve my art and work on drawing again. I’ve been slacking on my drawing because of my insecurities and I have to start from the beginning when it comes to my skill.

Artemus Neil

In my art I take inspiration from different forms of media or franchises,And a little bit of architecture with it.

I mostly create some of my finest work on my iPad because for a few years I draw sketches in sketchbooks but I always did it besides my friends,two of them Who are amazing artist and I've always wanted to feel like that I could do that too and for a while I did I created some fine Art but i could never really do a Good as a job as they can do but that didn't stop me from doing it.

For my style I particularly don't have one,not likeThe terms of art style I'm mostly random at heart.But The thing is I've Somehow always just know how to sketch or Model it out that way and it's safe to say that it became my own style of creation.

At the end of the day I just love art or anything that's just takes one idea and make it into something big like how there are many who just see artist as just someone to draw or just come up with stuff but not really it's about creation and ingenuity to Interpret something old to new or other way around.

Aleya Reed

The three projects I chose to write about were MiniGolf course design, 3D cast puzzle, and City block design. In the Mini-Golf course design I created an old course that designed a pathway for the ball to travel from base to the hole. In the 3D puzzle design I created a clay cast that was formed from a linking cube structure. The city block design was a perspective drawing that was actually built out of cardboard to show the 3D version. At the start of the Mini golf course I began to brainstorm different structures that could work together I then wanted it to be a design bigger with huge ramp in order to make it work i had to use a t-square, a knife, and a very sharp pencil in order to make the lines as straight as possible after getting the basics i had to use hot glue to put everything in place. When I began to create the 3D cast puzzle I placed together the linking blocks using three different colors that would make a square after the model was created I used clay to fill the cardboard that would then harden into a complete structure. The big idea behind creating the Mini golf course was choosing something that ws complex but also easy enough to be able to focus on the main creation of the design (the ramp). The main idea behind the 3D cast puzzle was to use as many different pieces of the puzzle that would help the design look more complex. The main idea behind the city block design was to create as many different forms and shapes as possible so that I was able to build a 3D model with several designs.My goal for all three projects was to create designs that were complex and would have a great image for the ending results. Overall i think that my projects was good and represented a good sense of creativity considering they were all good meaningful designs.

Dahmonta' Shackleford

My name is Dahmonta Shackleford and I'll be showing some artwork. The art I'll be displaying is my best piece, my favorite piece and a piece that shows my most growth. My artwork is architecture inspired. My future plans as an artist is to keep working on my art and keep improving and get a good job for my artwork.

Ty'Jai Smith

The works that I am showing for the final show are Architectural drawings and designs. These drawings are about learning more about shape and form. My future plans are to become an Interior Designer.

Christopher Stevens

The type of art that I'm showing is the traditional style which is sketched out on paper  in an elevation view. I'm also illustrating how I can connect my digital art skills to architecture. Most of the time assignments require students to implement multiple things and while requirements can be bland. Sometimes you can make those bland requirements more interesting for the viewer. For example when drawing out my design I always think about how I can make this pop more and still follow the guidelines, which is why I decided to digitize my elevation piece.


My artwork is about how I can connect myself to my art. I try to make it very explanatory of what I'm trying to do with my art, because I spend most of my time drawing digitally and I'm in an architecture course. It's hard for me to decide what I want my future to be, so as it stands now I'm just seeing how it goes connecting both of them. So far connecting my digital skills to architecture has been doing great.


My future plans as an artist is to continue my drawing and retain more skills to better my art style and to learn more styles as I progress with my drawing. If I had to make a career out of either of them I would decide to do architecture because it comes so naturally to me and it makes a lot of money. Although I love doing digital art as it stands now I can't really see myself making a profit out of it.

Harrel Tomlin

The type of artwork I will be presenting is 2 architectural art pieces and 1 personal graphic illustrated drawing. My first art piece is a Comic Pop-up Shop, which sells comics, manga, and stands on top of water at the promenade. My second art piece is my design for a movable tiny house, which can be used for a graphic designer. My final art piece is OC I created named Kigan The Blue Phoenix, who has the power of blue cosmic flames, ability of flight, and creating weapons out of fire. My future plans as an artist is to gain a higher education and skills to become a Graphic Designer(Animator).